BR Black Perforated


This strap is suitable for your Bell and Ross Watches : B&R Vintage Serie PW1, WW1, WW2, BR V, BR V Chrono, BR 01 46mm, BR 03 42mm, or BR S 39mm. If you have the cool BR-X1 Phantom or BR-X2, we can make yours look cooler than ever!

Are yours in? BR V1-92 Blue Steel, BR S Black diamond eagle, BR 03-02 Blue Steel, BR V Military beige, BR 03-92 BI-Compass, BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze, BR-X1 Phantom, BR 03-92 MA-1, R.S 19 Chronographs, BR 03 Diver, BR Lady, and many more Bell and Ross watches you have!

Estimated Working Time25 - 30 Business Days

BR Black Perforated